STandART: News and live dates

STandART: News and Live dates

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STandART: News and live dates

Dear friends,

we have gathered a lot of news to tell you. New single, new album, live dates and remixes. Let’s try in chronological order:

*** Our Estonian friends Forgotten Sunrise have released a magic new USB maxi-single Dusturn. It contains two remixes under STandART name:

Forgotten Sunrise — Dusturn (Black Hole Remix by STandART) & Dusturn (White Hole Remix by STandART)

Remixes were created by Kalvis and Sandris Savickis (Starring Two) – one developed more by K., the other – by S. Some sampled sounds played by Martinš on both versions. Technical assistance by Kaspars Tobis (7 Synths) on one of them. The single is available in a limited edition USB in aluminium case with a tiny bag of ashes and now also on Forgotten Sunrise Bandcamp page.

*** Meanwhile, we have published our new single Runes (Runas) on STandART Bandcamp page. As usual, you can download it for free or leave a donation. Tracks are also uploaded on YouTube for streaming & sharing. The single has been created by our usual studio team. We would like to thank Anders and Kadri from Forgotten Sunrise for permission to use a sample of Kadri’s vocal in creation of our “dreamy seagull choir”.

*** The track Runes is taken from our upcoming 3rd studio album Jurasputnu Misterijas (Mysteries Of The Seabirds) to be released by Naba Music/Melo Records at the beginning of June. The album was recorded from 2013 to 2017 with the line-up: Kalvis Kluburs, Martinš Links & friends. Technical assistance came from studio masters – Sandris Savickis (Starring Two, Jurmala), Kaspars Tobis (7 Synths, Sigulda) and Kaspars Barbals (Lauska, Riga). The new album could be described as dark and atmospheric synthfolk. It has been created almost like a fairy-tale or as a soundtrack to a book – Mysteries by the Norwegian author Knut Hamsun (1892) – and our own summer night hikes along the sea. We are going to present the new material at a couple of album release gigs:

June 1 – “Nabaklab”, Riga, LV

June 3 – “Mala”, Cesis, LV.

These are going to be the first STandART live performances in four years. This time we will perform as a duo – Kalvis un Martinš. Our friends Marta Migla will play as guests at both events.

*** Finally, we are also going to play live at this summer’s festival Laba Daba 2017 (August 4–5, Ratnieki, Ligatne, LV).